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Elsevier Optics and Lasers in Engineering (OLIE)

Integrated Calibration of Multiview Phase-Measuring Profilometry
  Yeong Beum Lee   Min H. Kim  
  Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)  
  (a) presents our multiview phase-measuring profilometry (PMP) system.
(b) our calibration target. (c) shows the captured image of the target from a view.
  Phase-measuring profilometry (PMP) measures per-pixel height information of a surface with high accuracy. Height information captured by a camera in PMP relies on its screen coordinates. Therefore, a PMP measurement from a view cannot be integrated directly to other measurements from different views due to the intrinsic difference of the screen coordinates. In order to integrate multiple PMP scans, an auxiliary calibration of each camera's intrinsic and extrinsic properties is required, in addition to principal PMP calibration. This is cumbersome and often requires physical constraints in the system setup, and multiview PMP is consequently rarely practiced. In this work, we present a novel multiview PMP method that yields three-dimensional global coordinates directly so that three-dimensional measurements can be integrated easily. Our PMP calibration parameterizes intrinsic and extrinsic properties of the configuration of both a camera and a projector simultaneously. It also does not require any geometric constraints on the setup. In addition, we propose a novel calibration target that can remain static without requiring any mechanical operation while conducting multiview calibrations, whereas existing calibration methods require manually changing the target's position and orientation. Our results validate the accuracy of measurements and demonstrate the advantages on our multiview PMP.
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  The original manuscript, published in Elsevier OLIE, includes an erratum, missing z_P at the right end of the numerator in Eq. (6). We fix the erratum and provide the authors' copy (version 2) of the manuscript from this website.

Preprint paper:
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