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University College London (UCL)
PhD in Computer Science
High-Fidelity Colour Reproduction for High-Dynamic-Range Imaging
    Min H. Kim    

University College London

    Department of Computer Science    
  The aim of this thesis is to develop a colour reproduction system for high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging. Classical colour reproduction systems fail to reproduce HDR images because current characterisation methods and colour appearance models fail to cover the dynamic range of luminance present in HDR images. HDR tone-mapping algorithms have been developed to reproduce HDR images on low-dynamic-range media such as LCD displays. However, most of these models have only considered luminance compression from a photographic point of view and have not explicitly taken into account colour appearance. Motivated by the idea to bridge the gap between cross-media colour reproduction and HDR imaging, this thesis investigates the fundamentals and the infrastructure of cross-media colour reproduction. It restructures cross-media colour reproduction with respect to HDR imaging, and develops a novel cross-media colour reproduction system for HDR imaging. First, our HDR characterisation method enables us to measure HDR radiance values to a high accuracy that rivals spectroradiometers. Second, our colour appearance model enables us to predict human colour perception under high luminance levels. We first built a high-luminance display in order to establish a controllable high-luminance viewing environment. We conducted a psychophysical experiment on this display device to measure perceptual colour attributes. A novel numerical model for colour appearance was derived from our experimental data, which covers the full working range of the human visual system. Our appearance model predicts colour and luminance attributes under high luminance levels. In particular, our model predicts perceived lightness and colourfulness to a significantly higher accuracy than other appearance models. Finally, a complete colour reproduction pipeline is proposed using our novel HDR characterisation and colour appearance models. Results indicate that our reproduction system outperforms other reproduction methods with statistical significance. Our colour reproduction system provides high-fidelity colour reproduction for HDR imaging, and successfully bridges the gap between cross-media colour reproduction and HDR imaging.
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