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CS681: Computational Colorimetry

Fall 2015



Min H. Kim, [Room] 3429, [email]

Course Description


This course provides an introduction to color in computer graphics, with a in-depth look at two fundamental topics underlying today’s color imaging systems: digital color imaging techniques and numerical visual perception models. Digital color imaging to be covered includes the fundamentals of radiometry and colorimetry, ray tracing, characterization and image processing pipeline, high-performance imaging, compressive sensing, and color management systems. Numerical visual perception modeling techniques will include the fundamentals of psychophysics and human vi- sual perception, color appearance models, and image processing techniques based on visual perception. In the second half of the semester, students will work on an individ- ual project of their choice, either involving numerical modeling of visual perception or software development that applies visual perception.



Time and Place

Monday and Wednesday 10:30AM—11:45AM, Rm. 3444, Bldg. E3-1

Teaching Assistant

Seung-Hwan Baek, [e-mail]

Main Textbook

Roy S. Berns (2000) Principles of Color Technology, 3rd Ed., John Wiley & Sons

Optional Readings

Dorsey et al. (2008) Digital Modeling of Material Appearance, 1st Ed., Morgan Kaufmann
R.W.G. Hunt (2004) The Reproduction of Colour, 6th Ed., John Wiley & Sons
M.D. Fairchild (2005) Color Appearance Models, 2th Ed., John Wiley & Sons
E. Reinhard et al. (2008) Color Imaging, 1st Ed., A K Peters
E. Reinhard (2010) High Dynamic Range Imaging, 2th Ed., Elsevier
N. Ohta and A. Robertson (2005) Colorimetry, 1st Ed., John Wiley & Sons


There are no official course prerequisites.

Course Goal

Establish in-depth knowledge of color science and digital imaging technology
Achieve your novel project about color image processing

Tentative Schedule

  Week Date Lecture   Slides Assignments/Quizzes
  1 09/01 Introduction to color (1)   slide01  
    09/03 Introduction to color (2)   slide02  
  2 09/08 Introduction to color (3)   slide03  
    09/10 Introduction to color (4)   slide04  
  3 09/15 Radiometry   slide05 quiz1
    09/17 Color reproduction (1)   slide06 hw1
  4 09/22 Color reproduction (2)   slide07  
    09/24 Visual perception (1)   slide08  
  5 09/29 Mid-Autumn Festival Day      
  6 10/06 Visual perception (2)   slide09 quiz2
    10/08 Psychophysics (1)   slide10  
  7 10/13 Psychophysics (2)   slide10  
    10/15 Psychophysics (3)   slide11 hw2
  8 10/22 Mid-term exam (9:00am--12:00pm, E3-1, Rm. 3444)      
  9 10/27 Color appearance modeling   slide12  
    10/29 Material appearance modeling   slide13  
  10 11/03 Material appearance acquisition   slide14  
    11/05 Digital color imaging (1)   slide15  
  11 11/10 Digital color imaging (2)   slide16  
    11/12 Digital color imaging (3)   slide17  
  12 11/17 Coded aperture   slide18 quiz3
    11/19 High-dynamic-range imaging (1)   slide19 hw3
  13 11/24 High-dynamic-range imaging (2)   slide20  
    11/26 University exam week      
  14 12/01 High-dynamic-range imaging (3)   slide21  
    12/03 Hyperspectral imaging (1)   slide22  
  15 12/08 Hyperspectral imaging (2)   slide23 quiz4, hw4
    12/10 Light-field imaging   slide24  
  16 12/17 Final exam      


Attendance (10%), midterm/final exams (50%), assignments (30%), quizzes (10%)


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