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ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 (Transactions on Graphics)

Simultaneous Acquisition of Microscale Reflectance and Normals
  Giljoo Nam Joo Ho Lee Hongzhi Wu§ Diego Gutierrez* Min H. Kim  
  KAIST   §Zhejiang University
State Key Lab of CAD & CG
  *Universidad de Zaragoza, I3A  
  Overview of our system and results. (a) Our custom-built microscopic imager equipped with electrically-controlled LED lights over a fabricated dome, for simultaneous microscale capture of reflectance and normals. (b) A $20 dollar bill captured by our system. We show the zoomed-in letter T as captured by Johnson et al. [2011], and compared with our geometric result (note that we had to use a different bill so an exact match is not possible). (c) Different from Johnson et al., we can simultaneously acquire reflectance information. We show a comparison of microscopic photographs of two details of the bill, and our reconstructed results from factorized basis BRDFs.  
  Supplemental material #2: result video of microscale SVBRDF rendering  
  Acquiring microscale reflectance and normals is useful for digital documentation and identification of real-world materials. However, its simultaneous acquisition has rarely been explored due to the difficulties of combining both sources of information at such small scale. In this paper, we capture both spatially-varying material appearance (diffuse, specular and roughness) and normals simultaneously at the microscale resolution. We design and build a microscopic light dome with 374 LED lights over the hemisphere, specifically tailored to the characteristics of microscopic imaging. This allows us to achieve the highest resolution for such combined information among current state-of-the-art acquisition systems. We thoroughly test and characterize our system, and provide microscopic appearance measurements of a wide range of common materials, as well as renderings of novel views to validate the applicability of our captured data. Additional applications such as bi-scale material editing from real-world samples are also demonstrated.
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