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* This paper is an extended version of the EGSR 2021 paper [link].
Modelling Surround-aware Contrast Sensitivity for HDR Displays
  Shinyoung Yi   Daniel S. Jeon Ana Serrano§  
  Se-Yoon Jeong* Hui-Yong Kim* Diego Gutierrez§   Min H. Kim  
  KAIST § Universidad de Zaragoza, I3A * ETRI Kyung Hee University  
  We compare a reference HDR video frame and a lossy compressed frame using our surround-aware CSF model. We compress the original video by three orders of magnitude without perceivable artifacts. Refer to the supplemental video for more results.  
  Supplemental video

Despite advances in display technology, many existing applications rely on psychophysical datasets of human perception gathered using older, sometimes outdated displays. As a result, there exists the underlying assumption that such measurements can be carried over to the new viewing conditions of more modern technology. We have conducted a series of psychophysical experiments to explore contrast sensitivity using a state-of-the-art HDR display, taking into account not only the spatial frequency and luminance of the stimuli but also their surrounding luminance levels. From our data, we have derived a novel surroundaware contrast sensitivity function (CSF), which predicts human contrast sensitivity more accurately. We additionally provide a practical version that retains the benefits of our full model, while enabling easy backward compatibility and consistently producing good results across many existing applications that make use of CSF models. We show examples of effective HDR video compression using a transfer function derived from our CSF, tone-mapping, and improved accuracy in visual difference prediction.

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  We report that the published paper contains typos in the first row of Table 1 (constants for the full S-CSF model only), so we write the corrected one here:
R model a p1 p2 q1 q2 q3 σ0 η k
  0.07935 -0.6363 0.2157 2246 0.65 -15.56 0.0103 0.0148 10.1826
  The PDF version in our website includes the error correction.
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